MEDium Visualizating Environment for DataBases
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Q: I want to build web interface for database. Why should I use Medvedb module?
A: Because it spare your work. Medvedb has implemented full featured web interface with sorting functions and etc. You only need to specify which  parts of database should be visible for user and how to format it.

Q: I have complicated database with a lot of relations. Is Medvedb still usefull for me?
A: Yes. Medvedb can work very well over database relation and it should build web interface by using several tables bounded by relations.

Q: Medvedb is written in Perl. Why?
A: Perl is language with hash structures and there are a lot of cool packages on internet for this language. We think it's best one for our purpose.

Q: That's pitty because I know only PHP. I don't know Perl.
A: Never mind. You don't need to know Perl you can build application by typing one command written in Perl and everything should be stored in human readable XML file.

Q: XML? Isn't it too complicated solution?
A: Nope. Do not panic. It's very simple. You just write configuration of application design. It very easy to read and to write it. You don't need to know much about programming. You can write XML configuration by hand. It's very transparent.

Q: XML seems little bit "overtaged to me. Is there any other way how can I write configuration of  database?
A: Yes, but you need to know much more about Perl programming. You need to write hash that will specify application.

Q: Ok, XML seems much more easier. Is there any tool for designing application?
A: No. But we plan to develop some helpfull tools.

Q: I have MySQL database engine.  Should I use Medvedb.
A: Yes. Medvedb is independent from database engine.

Q: Ok, but should I use features of database engine?
A: Yes.

Q: What is meaning of life and so on?
A: 42

Q: Should I build application over more databases in one interface?
A: Not. It look like obscure database system.

Q: Should I connect to more than one server?
A: Not in one instance of application (just running one). But in each instance you can connect to any database server.

Q: Some users need access to database. Is it possible authenticate?
A: Not now. We know that it is very requested feature. We try to implement it in next version

Q: I don't like formating of Medvedb. Should I change it?
A: You can use your own CSS, but its usage is very limited.